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If there has been one quintessential celebratory delicacy in India that has dazzled through all the times and centuries, it’s undeniably all of our favorite Biryani! And we would like to invite you on a voyage of the scrumptious, aromatic, and authentic ‘Biryani Times – The Royal cuisine of India’.

For centuries Biryani has been satiating hunger and we have left no stone unturned to present you this oblivion fragrance of spices, slow-cooked, long-grained and busting aromas from the City of Nawabs to the City of Nizams. From the cocooned city of Kolkata to the wanderlust old lanes of Delhi, we bring you the tried, the tested, and timeless recipe of Lucknow, Hyderabadi & Kolkata Biryani, along with famous Dilli Jama Masjid Biryani.

The Royal cuisine of highly patronized Mughals has its own distinct individuality and a very high degree of refinement and delicateness which is called nafaasat and nazaakat. To attain such distinct majestic touch in our delicacies we have the Royal Chefs- ‘Khansamas’ from the Indian princely kitchens of Awadh. They have an eye for every detail and we have made sure that the food is being cooked in a traditional ‘Dum-Pukht Styles’. Some of the biggest Awadhi culinary gems came out from the kitchens of his khansamas and thus same legacy is being carried out in our ‘Lucknawi-Pukht Biryani’.

The opulent culinary affair between kebabs and Lucknow city goes back centuries in time.

We are delighted to offer you the charm of the city by presenting love for our meaty delights especially its succulent Kebabs (Galouti, Kakori, Boti & Shaami)

Some tastes are impossible to forget and we offer you a great array of traditional Lakhnawi – Pukht Biryani,

History has been a witness to the fact that people who have been passionate about food have also sought after every single perfection. Our main course and starter include perfect choices from delectable Bhatti Murg, Potli Chicken, Lahori Chicken…and vegetarian delicacies like Soya Chaap, Paneer Tikka, etc.

We believe in serving the culture, tradition and perfection and thus our Biryanis are served in sealed earthed Handis. “Our attention to detail, and commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients is what will make us Delhi’s favorite Biryani” claims the Brand endorser food aficionado Rohit Dutt from South Delhi as he awaits to bring the Royal cuisine of India.